Fifth Gospel

Most of us would agree that the Bible is a special book. But there are some entries in Scripture that hold a special kind of resonance for the faithful in every generation: Isaiah is one of these, and has been for Jewish and Christian readers for millennia. In fact early Jesus followers regularly drew upon Isaiah to tell the Jesus story — so much so that although Isaiah predates Christianity, it reads like one of the great Christian witnesses. And the Patristics certainly felt that way, as they dubbed Isaiah: The Fifth Gospel.

But to be called “gospel” requires a message. And Isaiah certainly has one: salvation. And this salvation is rooted in one who proves faithful, even when we are not. God is our salvation. That’s what the name Isaiah means, and it’s not too unlike another name we hear in Scripture: Jesus. In a season where we find a global pandemic rendering us powerless, where each of us feel more isolated, and with each passing day we grow more and more restless — will salvation come, and when? The answer Isaiah gives might surprise you, but even more, it might actually inspire you.

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