Ashli was born and raised in a Christian household with a Colonel Chaplain father in the military. She had the experience of constantly adjusting to change and different cultures when she would move every three years or less throughout the United States and even in Europe. Each place led her to realize her enjoyment in listening, learning, and interacting with people. Throughout her childhood she was blessed with learning about the Word of God and being involved in each church where her dad served as a pastor. 

Ashli has worked in a variety of fields along her path. After she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology she went on to work in that field for a few years, then was a TSA officer, and later an Information Specialist for South Sound 911. Along the way she felt a void in her heart that yearned for something that she had forgotten. She was blessed to remember and feel the importance and necessity of God seven years ago. She made a radical change in her life and way of being. She devoted her time to being closer with God through prayer, meditation, and reflection. 

Ashli’s grandparent-in-laws and husband introduced her to the welcoming community of JKPC in 2017. That year, she attended some worship services, her husband’s baptism, as well as participated in the Sola Art Exhibit. In early 2023, she was led to become part of the JKPC staff. She looks forward to interacting with and helping anyone she makes contact with at JKPC.